• Box&Box is "With Africa, for Africa's health"

The SO.GE.TRA. group supports AMREF, the main non-profit health organization that works to improve the health of the most disadvantaged populations of Africa.

AMREF has been working for 50 years and has assisted, vaccinated, nursed and operated on millions of people. The association is currently running 140 health development projects that range from prevention to training of local staff. Each day, the Flying Doctors provide specialist and surgical assistance to hospitals and the more remote areas.
The volunteers are mostly Africans who want to give a concrete contribution to improving the sanitary conditions of their community: this gives rise to the motto “With Africa, for Africa's health".

To learn more about AMREF:


• Box&Box “on the track” with the Supersonic Racing Team

flash BOX BOX

The company is the main sponsor of the Supersonic Racing team, the team of motorcyclists founded by Alessandro Franzoni, who in 2009 raced in the Italian Racing Championship and in the World Championship for modified production motorcycles (SBK).

This choice was guided by a love for the sport, a passion for everything that is movement, a taste for challenges that put humans and technology to the test, and the commitment and professionalism that the riders and all the team put into preparing for each race.

Box&Box believes in all this because it reflects the company's values and it wanted to invest in this project, which has taken the Supersonic Racing Team riders onto the major national circuits: such as Mugello and Misano.

To learn more about the Supersonic Racing Team:

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